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Bootcamps and programs for mid-career professionals and operators

Venture for Africa's upskill programs help you supercharge your skills or transition into a new role within the startup ecosystem. How?


We have gathered relevant and contextual information, frameworks, best practices, and strategies from various sources and compiled them into actionable playbooks that you can utilize.


All of our courses and modules are led by experienced experts in their respective fields. These experts bring valuable insights from their experiences in launching, building, and running operations companies such as Paystack, Stitch, Yoco, Diool, Turaco, Money254, and more.

The VFA 

Put everything you're learning into practice by using our sandboxes. These sandboxes provide participants with a platform to offer external support to the challenges faced by early and growth-stage startups in our ecosystem.

Community and

Maintain focus with weekly topics, stay connected, share insights, and continue your professional growth with a supportive community of peers and the wider VFA network.


Live 12-week programs designed to upskill mid-career professionals across key startup operator roles and shorter self-paced programs designed as an on-ramp into VFA's full-scale bootcamps.

Fundamentals of Growth

Explore the basics of launching and scaling products. Get access to relevant content, frameworks, playbooks, and real-life case studies to help you navigate the process of driving go-to-market motions for African tech startups.


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Fundamentals of Fintech Product Management

Learn about the key areas of the fintech industry in Africa, including guiding principles and practical insights to guide your journey into fintech product management.


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Designed to upskill operators across growth and revenue-facing teams to better lead growth activities at African tech startups.


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Fintech Product Management

Designed for operators trying to accelerate their careers in product or looking to break into product management, specifically within the fintech industry.


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