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Break into fintech product management

The VFA Fintech Product Management Bootcamp is a 12-week program designed to upskill aspiring and existing product managers in Africa's fintech space.

Through carefully curated and contextual content, engaging online workshops with PMs at some of the continent’s fastest-growing companies, case studies, and deliverables faced by VFA’s startup partners, you’ll gain experience building exceptional products for the African market using globally recognised best practices.

(Applications to the third cohort will open later this year!)

Africa's Fintech Industry & Major Players

Explore key growth drivers in fintech, analyze funding trends, and delve into noteworthy categories of fintech products

Fintech Regulation in Major African Markets

Examine the challenges Fintech poses to regulators, the objectives of FinTech regulation, and priority areas requiring regulatory attention

Core Fintech Business Models

Understand the significance of Product Managers considering business models, explore key elements of a business model, and discover innovative fintech business models currently in the market.

Fintech Product Strategies

Discover insights on evaluating product strategies and avoiding pitfalls in the decision-making process.

Customer Needs and Market Assessments

Delve into understanding customer needs with relevant and contextual frameworks for the African market, including exploring methods for market assessments.


Explore key factors in setting product priorities, find a balance between feedback and genuine product needs, and identify pitfalls to avoid in prioritization with essential questions to answer

Develop an understanding of

Who is this for?

This bootcamp is designed for those trying to accelerate their career in product or looking to break into product management, specifically within the fintech industry.

You'll be an excellent fit if you fall into any of the following categories.

Product Managers

Mid-level product managers looking to dive into the fintech space and upskill in strategic product management

Business Unit Leaders

Mid to senior-level business unit leaders with experience working at a bank (retail/commercial) looking to switch to working in product management in a fintech startup


Consultants with experience working on businesses in the financial services industry

Project Managers

Mid to senior-level project managers who have built capacity in more traditional organisations

Break into fintech product management

I discovered a new career direction, acquired practical skills, expanded my network, and gained a comprehensive understanding of product management within the African fintech ecosystem and the influence of legislation on innovation.



I gained a deep appreciation for the potential impact of product functions in the fintech space. The program exposed me to cutting-edge technologies, innovative product strategies, and emerging trends in the industry.



My biggest takeaway from the bootcamp was the knowledge I gained in product management. I recognized the fragmentation in the African fintech market, with different countries having diverse policies, cultures, and business practices affecting cross-border payments. It also provided me with a supportive community of like-minded professionals who were all navigating career transitions.



What fellows are saying:

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