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Fundamentals of Growth

In this self-paced program, you will explore the basics of launching and scaling products. You will have access to relevant content, frameworks, playbooks, and real-life case studies to help you navigate the process of driving go-to-market motions for African tech startups.

Curated Content

Get access to VFA's pre-read materials and curated video sessions from seasoned experts for an enhanced learning journey.

Strategic Growth Challenges

Engage in growth challenges tied to each week's module, putting your learning into action with hands-on scenarios and intriguing case studies.

Community and Structure

Maintain focus with weekly topics, stay connected, share insights, and continue your professional growth with a supportive community of peers and the wider VFA network.

The Program

Understanding GTM Methodologies

Master the art of analysing product characteristics and market conditions to make informed GTM strategy decisions.

Persona Optimisation Strategies

Learn how to create accurate and valuable buyer personas and gain practical insights into collecting and analyzing customer data.

Product Positioning and Messaging

Explore the vital link between company positioning, target profiles, and messaging strategy. Learn to pinpoint your unique selling points, measure positioning effectiveness, and implement corrective steps for a refined strategy.

Experimentation for Growth

Learn to define metrics for assessing market outcomes, segment audiences for targeted experiments, and explore diverse aspects of marketing activities.

Topics Covered

Who is this for?

This self-paced program is designed for operators trying to accelerate their careers in growth, sales and business development or looking to break into customer and revenue-facing teams at high-growth startups.


You'll be an excellent fit if you fall into any of the following categories.


Early-stage founders and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to sharpen their go-to-market and revenue-generation strategies.

Product Managers

Product managers with experience in African tech startups looking to enhance their go-to-market strategies and revenue generation skills

Business Development Representatives

Sales and Business Development reps aiming to transition into leadership roles within growth-focused teams.

Marketing Associates

Mid-level marketing professionals seeking to excel in growth and revenue strategies for African tech startups.

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Enrol in Fundamentals of Growth


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  • What is the duration of the program?
    4-6 weeks depending on how long you spend on the reading and tasks assigned to you.
  • Is this program suitable for beginners in fintech?
    Yes, this program is designed for both beginners and individuals with some prior knowledge in fintech. We cover foundational concepts and gradually progress to more advanced topics in the live bootcamps.
  • Do I need any specific technical skills or prerequisites to enrol in the program?
    No specific technical skills are required. However, a strong interest in fintech and a willingness to learn are essential. We welcome participants from diverse backgrounds.
  • Will classes be held at a specific time?
    This is a self-paced, asynchronous course, so you will be responsible for your own time.
  • What is the time commitment required each week?
    On average, participants dedicate approximately 3-4 hours per week to completing the coursework, including reading, video content, and the assigned product challenges.
  • How will the product challenges work, and what's the expected level of difficulty?
    Product challenges are designed to reinforce your understanding of each week's module. They vary in complexity and provide practical applications of the knowledge gained during the course. They are structured to be both informative and engaging.
  • Can I access the course materials after the program ends?
    Yes, you will have access to the course materials for an extended period after the program concludes, allowing you to revisit and review the content as needed.
  • How do I join the community?
    You’ll be added to a dedicated Slack community once you reach the required checkpoint in the course.
  • Is there any certification upon completion of the program?
    Yes, participants who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate of completion, which can be a valuable addition to your professional portfolio.
  • How do I enrol in the program, and what is the cost?
    To enrol, follow the registration process as described on this page. The cost of the program is $99 and payment details will be provided on the registration page.
  • Are there any discounts available for the program?
    There aren't any discounts available. But you can preview the first week of the course for free by using following the link here!
  • What sets this program apart from other product management courses?
    Our program is uniquely tailored to the African fintech landscape, providing insights and case studies specific to the region. It also offers a vibrant community of peers to enhance your learning journey.
  • I’ve registered and paid, what happens next?
    You will receive more information on how to get onboarded and access all programming content right away!
  • Who developed the content for this program?
    Our curriculum and content are curated and developed in partnership with senior PMs who have experience building products at companies such as Plaid, Money254, Flutterwave, Branch International, Sendy, Delivery Hero, Chipper Cash, 4G Capital, Okra, Yoco, Barclays, Stitch, Paystack, BFA Global, Diool, Duplo, Possible, and Remitly, as well as insights from operators from other fast-growing fintech companies globally.
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