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Level up your growth and revenue-driving abilities

The VFA Go-To-Market Bootcamp is a 10-week program designed to upskill talent across growth and revenue-facing teams, so they can better lead growth activities at African tech startups.

Through modules led by experienced experts, you'll gain insights from their experiences in launching and scaling products. You'll be exposed to contextual content, frameworks, playbooks, and practical case studies. These resources will help you develop the skills necessary for driving and scaling go-to-market activities within African tech startups.

Create a product GTM and launch plan

Master the art of analysing product characteristics and market conditions to make informed GTM strategy decisions. 

Develop product positioning and messaging

Explore the vital link between company positioning, target profiles, and messaging strategy. Learn to pinpoint your unique selling points, measure positioning effectiveness, and implement corrective steps for a refined strategy

Adapt and price products/services

Gain practical insights to navigate dynamic landscapes and ensure your products or services thrive in evolving markets.

Run product

Learn to define metrics for assessing market outcomes, segment audiences for targeted experiments, and explore diverse aspects of marketing activities

Create and manage a sales pipeline

Explore the real cost of customer acquisition, segmentation and attribution techniques to optimize marketing efforts, and effective sales-marketing handoffs.

Identify and grow the right partnerships

Acquire the knowledge and skills to identify, establish, and secure valuable partnerships, including communication and negotiation techniques.

Learn how to

Who is this for?

This growth bootcamp is designed for those looking to accelerate their career as leaders in growth and revenue-driving teams at African tech startups.

You'll be an excellent fit for the bootcamp if you fall into any of the following categories


Early-stage founders and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to sharpen their go-to-market and revenue-generation strategies.

Product Managers

Product managers with experience in African tech startups looking to enhance their go-to-market strategies and revenue generation skills

Business Development Representatives

Sales and Business Development reps aiming to transition into leadership roles within growth-focused teams.

Marketing Associates

Mid-level marketing professionals seeking to excel in growth and revenue strategies for African tech startups.

Level up your growth and revenue-driving abilities

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