Venture for Africa (VFA) is a 3-month fellowship program designed to immerse top global and local talent in the African startup ecosystem. We enable experienced talent who might be new to the startup space or the particular market they’re looking to enter, to soft-land and gain context while working with a startup that's hiring now.

We do this by partnering with Africa's fastest-growing startups and venture builders to co-design an experience that enables fellows to quickly gain relevant skills and in-market knowledge, complete real project work and get fast-tracked to apply for full-time roles.

Find your dream role

Access opportunities at Africa’s leading tech startups, work on real projects and immerse yourself in the ecosystem. 

Access top talent

Fill gaps in your team and set your company up for growth. Evaluate fellows before hiring to ensure they're the right fit.

Place graduates

Ensure your students access a meaningful experience and work opportunity in this time of uncertainty.


As the real impact of COVID-19 and the global financial crisis becomes more apparent, startups in Africa need skilled and agile talent more than ever. Simultaneously, talented candidates around the world have suddenly found themselves looking for a place to apply their skills, passion and energy - now. The VFA Fellowship is designed to bring them together.


How might we forge a connection between startups operating in Africa who need talent more than ever, and skilled individuals around the world looking for the right opportunity to devote their passion, skills and time - right now? 

Tobi Lafinhan | Co-Founder, Venture for Africa


Get Matched

Fellows are matched with specific roles relevant to their skillset. Fellowship programs are co-created with VFA startup partners.

Get Immersed

Fellows spend 3 months in their roles, during which they are immersed in the local context, receive training from expert mentors and get to understand market nuances.

Get Working

Fellows work on real project deliverables for their assigned startups while being paid a stipend. Final projects are presented to the startup team, and fellows receive feedback.

Get Hired

While full-time roles are not guaranteed, fellows are fast-tracked through ordinary application processes for full-time roles at startup partners.


Applications are now closed for the Q1 2021 cohort. However, you can still share your profile with us to get notified when new opportunities are announced. 

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