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Plug into a global network of senior non-tech talent

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Venture for Africa partners gain access to a sustainable talent pipeline of experienced professionals who can hit the ground running, deliver key results, and potentially stay on as full-time team members.

Supporting Exciting Companies

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VFA provided high-quality candidate profiles and managed the first part of identifying and attracting potential candidates; which is one of the most time-consuming phases for a startup at our stage.

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Priscilla Queirolo

Head of Growth


VFA is for executives what internships are for students coming out of college and I like the output we've seen from the talent we've placed so far.

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Ike Eze



I find the model VFA offers quite attractive because as a young company trying to hire senior talent, you don’t want to make the mistake of bringing someone who the team will reject, in terms of culture fit

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Cathy Chepkemboi



Actively Hiring?

We work best with startup partners who are looking to hire mid to senior-level talent across product management, strategic finance, operations, business development, marketing and growth roles.

Senior managers with over 8 years of experience and proven track records in their respective fields who can offer valuable insights and expertise part-time to businesses seeking growth and expansion.

Skilled professionals from Africa and around the globe, usually with over 4 years of experience in product management, strategy, growth, finance, and operations roles, keen on exploring opportunities with startups in Africa.

Mid-level managers upskilled through VFA bootcamps, who are available to work on a part-time, project, or task basis within product and growth teams.

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