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Plug into a global network of senior non-tech talent

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Venture for Africa partners gain access to a sustainable talent pipeline of experienced professionals who can hit the ground running, deliver key results, and potentially stay on as full-time team members.

Supporting Exciting Companies

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VFA provided high-quality candidate profiles and managed the first part of identifying and attracting potential candidates; which is one of the most time-consuming phases for a startup at our stage.

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Priscilla Queirolo

Head of Growth


VFA is for executives what internships are for students coming out of college and I like the output we've seen from the talent we've placed so far.

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Ike Eze



I find the model VFA offers quite attractive because as a young company trying to hire senior talent, you don’t want to make the mistake of bringing someone who the team will reject, in terms of culture fit

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Cathy Chepkemboi



Actively Hiring?

We work best with startup partners who are looking to hire mid to senior-level talent across product management, strategic finance, operations, business development, marketing and growth roles.

Senior managers with over 8 years of experience and proven track records in their respective fields who can offer valuable insights and expertise part-time to businesses seeking growth and expansion.

Skilled professionals from Africa and around the globe, usually with over 4 years of experience in product management, strategy, growth, finance, and operations roles, keen on exploring opportunities with startups in Africa.

Mid-level managers upskilled through VFA bootcamps, who are available to work on a part-time, project, or task basis within product and growth teams.

How It Works

Role Optimisation Call

An initial conversation with VFA to understand your hiring needs and to optimise your job description.


The VFA Search

We upload your role to VFA’s network of experienced professionals and conduct the first round of interviews.


The VFA Shortlist

Top candidates are shortlisted to your VFA Partner dashboard.


Startup Interviews

We introduce you to your preferred candidates for any additional interviews.


The VFA Trial-to-Hire

You make the final decisions, and we support you in onboarding your new hire full-time or through the VFA trial-to-hire experience.



The VFA Trial-to-Hire experience is an optional 3-month de-risking window. During this period, you have the opportunity to work part-time with the talent we place before potentially extending a full-time offer.



Startup partners pay VFA the total stipend due to the candidate for the duration of the trial-to-hire engagement with the Startup, which is then disbursed to the candidate every completed month of work. 

Stipends from


  • for ~20hrs per week;

  • Total stipends are payable in advance and prior to the commencement of each engagement

Management Fees


  • VFA charges a fee on the total Stipend amount as a management fee for each candidate placed during the trial-to-hire or fractional engagement period.

Placement Fees


  • VFA charges a percentage of the candidate’s annual gross salary, for each candidate a startup partner chooses to hire permanently after the trial-to-hire or fractional engagement period.

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