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Whether you're a mid-career professional planning a career change or a senior professional looking for your next challenge, Venture for Africa offers a unique opportunity to gain startup experience and local industry knowledge while contributing to meaningful impact at a leading African startup.

Work with exciting companies

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Shekel mobility

Open Roles


4DX Ventures

Hybrid (GH)

Executive Assistant

4DX Ventures

How it works

Get Matched

Apply and get matched with a VFA startup partner in your area of interest.


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Get Immersed

De-risk your potential transition by spending an initial 3 months in this role, part-time. During this time, you get the opportunity to work closely with the team, experience the company culture, and evaluate whether it makes sense as a potential long-term option.


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Get Working

Get onboarded as part of the team and collaborate on mission-critical deliverables while being paid for your time and effort.


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Get Hired

VFA startup partners have the opportunity to make full-time offers to candidates directly after the matching process or after VFA's trial-to-hire model.


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Can't find a role that fits?

Let us know what kinds of opportunities you're looking out for based on your background and previous experiences!

There aren’t a lot of opportunities like this out there and for me, it has really been a stimulating experience and one that has helped me validate certain questions I had about figuring out my career and the industry I was interested in.

Validating questions

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Sixtine Sulaski



In my previous experience with most recruiters, you get the feeling that all they want to do is get you into a role so they can get a commission and close the chapter. However, with VFA I felt the intentionality in getting both me and the team I would potentially be placed with to answer important questions

Intentional experiences

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Michelle Mwango



As someone who was interested in the continent but kind of didn’t know where to start, this program was a perfect fit that gave me a soft landing.

Soft landing into tech

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Joel Burke



What our community says

Pipeline Roles

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