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Hire Mid-level Managers

Connect with mid-level managers who have been upskilled through VFA bootcamps. These managers are available to work on a part-time, project, or task basis within product and growth teams as part of the VFA sandbox.


The VFA Sandbox is your platform for skilled external support and resources, specifically tailored for addressing product or growth-related challenges. Say goodbye to the uncertainties of unvetted freelancers and gain access to exceptional candidates from VFA's upskill programs

Hiring Solution

Onboard talent to tackle valuable deliverables for your team without the commitment of full-time hires. The VFA Sandbox provides additional capacity for essential tasks, even if you're not quite ready for permanent staff.

The VFA Sandbox

How It Works

Role Optimisation Call

An initial conversation with VFA to understand the deliverable categories you have in mind.

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Set Sandbox Deliverables

We'll lock in your deliverables using the VFA Sandbox Deliverable Request Form.

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Search and Shortlist

We upload your deliverables to VFA's network of upskilled talent, match and shortlist the most ideal profiles to your VFA Partner dashboard.

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Sandbox Interviews

We introduce you to your preferred candidates for any additional interviews.

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Embed the talent as deeply as you'd like into your team and get to work on locked in deliverables.

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Startup Partners pay VFA a nominal platform fee for each month they engage the services of mid-level managers from the VFA community.

Platform Fees


​You gain access to:

  • Three Tailored Deliverables: Provide up to three challenges your team is currently facing.

  • Dedicated Talent Engagement: Engage with one fellow for up to 10 hours per week over 4 weeks. 

  • Flexible Collaboration: Need more hands on deck? For an additional $100 per engagement, you can extend your collaboration to multiple fellows

Placement Fees


  • VFA charges a percentage of the fellow's total compensation for each fellow that a startup partner chooses to hire at the end of the VFA sandbox.

Actively building?

The VFA Sandbox is best suited for early or growth-stage founders will well defined product or growth challenges.


Customer Research, Driving Adoption/Engagement, Feature Prioritisation, Pricing Strategy, Product Experiments, Product Metrics, User Experience, User Journey


Conversion Funnel Analysis, Customer Journey Mapping, Early Revenue Diversification Plan, Growth Experiments, Objection Handling Playbooks, Pricing Strategy, Product Positioning and Messaging, User Persona Development

Deliverable Examples

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