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The Venture for Africa Sandbox

A 4-week pro-bono opportunity for emerging startup operators to contribute part-time to impactful projects.

About the Sandbox

In the dynamic landscape of career transitions, we understand the challenges mid-career professionals face - from bridging skill gaps and gaining relevant experience to staying competitive in a rapidly evolving job market, talent often find themselves at a crossroads, juggling current roles while aspiring to move into new, promising fields.

Introducing the VFA Sandbox: a 4-week pro-bono opportunity for emerging startup operators to contribute part-time to impactful projects within product development, business strategy, marketing, sales, and overall organizational management teams at early-stage African startups.

The Sandbox offers more than just a chance to gain experience. It provides an immersive experience specifically designed to assist with navigating a career transition and setting you on a solid path, ultimately positioning you for future full-time paid opportunities.

Dive into real world challenges

Tired of the traditional hurdles of securing a job without experience? The VFA Sandbox is your gateway to real-world product and growth challenges faced by our startup partners. 

Immerse yourself in the specific role or industry you're transitioning to, gaining hands-on experience that can speak volumes on your resume.

Showcase your expertise

We understand that your capabilities go beyond what a traditional interview can capture. The VFA Sandbox provides the stage for you to shine by demonstrating your skills on live projects with potential hiring managers—showcasing your strengths where it truly matters.

Skill-company Alignment

In the vast sea of opportunities, your skills must align with industry demands. The Sandbox is strategically crafted to provide more than just a hands-on experience—it's a platform for self-discovery.

You not only immerse yourself in the role but also gain valuable insights into your skill gaps. This self-awareness becomes a compass, guiding you to areas that require upskilling for a seamless transition into your desired role.

Test-drive a career path

Similar to test-driving a car, the VFA Sandbox enables you to try out the role, gain valuable experience, and enhance your CV. It's about dipping your toes into a potential transition, gaining real experience, and making informed decisions about your career path.

Why Should You Sign Up?

How to get started?

Create an account, submit your profile, and let us unlock exciting Sandbox opportunities that align seamlessly with your aspirations.

Your career journey should be an exciting adventure, not a puzzle. Let VFA Sandbox be the missing piece that propels you toward success.

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