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Venture for Africa Career Services

Are you struggling to land interviews, or have the interviews you've landed not gone as expected? Perhaps you are unsure about which types of companies to target, which stages of startups your experience is best suited for, or how to make the most of your search.

With Venture for Africa's exclusive career services, you can gain access to insider knowledge and guidance from industry experts who have helped numerous professionals like you land roles within tech startups.

This is your opportunity to leverage our expertise and supercharge your job search!

In-depth Resume Reviews

We'll work with you to tailor your resume to fit the potential roles you’re targeting. We'll analyze your resume to ensure it effectively showcases your skills, experiences, and achievements in a compelling and results-oriented manner that appeals to startups.

Target List of Companies

We'll offer you a guide on how to create a list of companies that best fit your experience, expertise, and background so you can optimize your job search.

Cover Letter Critique

We'll provide advice on crafting a narrative that resonates with tech startups and one that highlights your unique value proposition, and assess the effectiveness of your cover letter.

Interview Prep

We’ll take you through mock interviews with valuable feedback to guide you through common interview scenarios, so you can showcase your abilities and communicate your qualifications with confidence.

Available Services

Resume Rewrite


Build a solid resume that impresses hiring managers. Get detailed feedback and guidance from our experts to highlight your skills and experiences and help you position yourself in the most credible light.

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Job Search Strategies


Narrow down your search to a target list of companies that align with your, background, skills, experiences and values. Stand out from the competition in large candidate pools

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Interview Prep


Approach job interviews with confidence. Benefit from practice interviews with experienced hiring managers who provide valuable insights and feedback.  Learn strategies to effectively articulate your skills and experiences.

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Free Consultation

Kickstart your journey with a complimentary session where we will discuss your professional journey thus far, explore your objectives, and create a personalized career services package that aligns with your goals.

I was very excited when I applied for an opportunity through VFA. After my initial conversation with the team, they sent me an updated version of my resume that they believed would position me better for the role. It was evident that they had put in an incredible amount of time and effort to truly understand my skills, experiences, and aspirations. The level of detail and refinement in my updated resume was simply outstanding.

With my newly refined resume effectively showcasing my story, I landed a recommendation for a dream role at one of VFA's startup partners, successfully making the career transition I had been aiming for!

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I was once in the same situation as many job seekers - struggling to secure interviews and feeling frustrated with the lack of responses. That's when I decided to take advantage of Venture for Africa's resume review service. Let me tell you, it made a significant difference!

The feedback and guidance they provided were excellent, helping me overhaul my resume and effectively highlight my skills and experience. With my updated resume in hand, I confidently applied for a new role and guess what? Not only did I land an interview, but after prepping for the interview with VFA, I also received a job offer within a remarkably short period of time!

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We offer exclusive discounts (up to 50%) for mid-career professionals with less than 4 years of experience

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