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VFA Bootcamps

Transforming Talent into Growth Assets

The VFA Go-To-Market Bootcamp is a 10-week program designed to upskill talent across growth and revenue-facing teams, so they can better lead growth activities at African tech startups

(Applications have closed for the first cohort)

Join fellows working at

The Bootcamp

Every week, participants attend online masterclasses facilitated by seasoned industry experts. Engaging content, practical use cases and stimulating deliverables are explored to hone in on all the skills necessary for go-to-market - resulting in well-rounded team members that can leverage learnings from across go-to-market activities within their specialities. 

By the end of the VFA Go-To-Market Bootcamp, you can expect...

To have a better understanding of how to:

Create a product GTM and launch plan

Run a pilot + test solutions


Develop brand positioning and messaging


Create a sales pipeline


Adapt and price products/services


Identify and grow the right partnerships


Who can benefit from the Go-To-Market Bootcamp?

This bootcamp best caters to:


Those with strong strategic and operational skills looking to gain more experience working in growth and revenue-facing teams.


Mid-level professionals with experience in marketing, sales, product and/or finance roles at an African tech startup who are looking to advance into more senior positions.



(Applications have closed for the first cohort)

The Application Process


Fill out the Bootcamp application form


Candidates who meet the requirements will be asked to send in: (1) A 2-minute video sharing what your current career aspirations are and what you hope to gain from the Bootcamp.
(2) 1 (one) reference from anyone you’ve worked with or someone who knows you enough to share why they think you’d be a good fit for the program


Top candidates will be invited to a final 1-on-1 interview


Onboarding, kick-off and orientation sessions


Access to VFA resource library + Study group formation


Bootcamp Begins!

(Applications have closed for the first cohort)

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