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The Career Transitions Workshop - April 27th 2024

A one-day, high-impact event for mid-career professionals in Africa, offering essential job search skills, strategies, and networking opportunities, all guided by top career coaches.

About the Workshop

Job searching can be a daunting journey, especially for those looking for new opportunities at the middle of their career journey.


Did you know that, on average, job seekers need to submit around 100 applications just to land a few interviews? And even then, only a fraction of those interviews may lead to further stages in the hiring process. As a result, many find the journey to finding the right role overwhelming.

Introducing the Career Transitions Workshop: a hackathon-style one-day high-impact event where talent will explore various considerations impacting job placement such as career transitions, job search strategy and interview prep with support from tech recruiters, hiring managers and experienced tech talent.  

Guidance on Next Career Moves

Gain invaluable insights into identifying and securing your next role, navigating through the complexities of career transitions.

Crafted Job Search Strategies

Learn effective job search strategies tailored to your profile, including industry insights and approaches to maximize your chances of success.

Mock Interviews for Real Success

Participate in a mock interview assessment with experienced professionals, learn to refine your skills, and understand how to identify and avoid common mistakes in startup job interviews.

Comprehensive Support Tools

Access a range of tools and resources to excel at assessments and interviews, including insights on interview approaches and common question answers, equipping you for success at every stage of the hiring process.

Why Should You Sign Up?

Reserve your spot!

Whether you're seeking to reignite your career, explore new opportunities, or elevate your strategic approach to job hunting, this event will be your gateway to unlocking your full potential.

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Our Speakers

Our speakers have experience in mobile engineering, entrepreneurship, product management, talent acquisition, marketing, and business development, and will be providing valuable insights on career transition strategies, job search techniques, and leadership growth.

Ava Zhang
Dean Gichukie
Emmanuel Kapella
Malcolm Ilogu
Gathoni Mwangi
Jane Gaite
Liz Biamah
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