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VFA was created by a team of former colleagues who have seen this challenge first-hand, to provide talent a landing pad in the African startup ecosystem, exposing them to local market nuances, offering expert-led training specific to key roles and introducing them to leading startups looking to hire now.

VFA offers a 3-month immersion program together with top startups with roles to fill. We co-create our program with startups, including actionable projects for fellows to complete, expert-led workshops in specific areas, and an opportunity to fast-track through the interview process for their dream role at the end of the fellowship.


Are you ready to #TaketheLeap?


There's a talent gap in the African startup industry, but it's not what you think.

Exceptional talent from across Africa and the Diaspora are looking to break into the tech startup landscape, but often find difficulty understanding the startup market, making connections and learning how to apply their skills in this context.

Meanwhile, fast-growing tech startups struggle to find plug-and-play talent that meets their needs and shares their ambitions.

Both parties exist and Venture for Africa looks to bring them together.


Find your dream role

Gain access to Africa’s leading tech startups, work on real projects and immerse yourself in the ecosystem. 


Access top talent

Find top global talent that can set you up for growth.


How might we forge a connection between startups operating in Africa who need talent more than ever, and skilled individuals around the world looking for the right opportunity to devote their passion, skills and time - right now? 

Tobi Lafinhan | Co-Founder, Venture for Africa

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